Women on the frontline

In contexts of conflict and war around the world, women are fulfilling indispensable roles to address the healthcare needs of other women in their communities as well as providing important links to care by organisations such as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).  

Women’s regular health needs do not disappear when conflict erupts or war breaks out. Instead, they become more critical, as women struggle to obtain adequate food, safe drinking water or basic sanitation. They also often lose access to contraception, maternity care, or protection from sexually transmitted infections, and become increasingly exposed to incidents of sexual and intimate partner violence.

As a result, women face a heightened likelihood of becoming sick or dying, which is why they need dedicated and comprehensive health services and protection as a priority as part of any humanitarian response.

KHADIJA YAHIA ADAM*, A MIDWIFE AND SUDANESE REFUGEE IN CHAD“I want to keep mothers and babies safe.”

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