About Us

A Little Help Can Make A Big Change.


Back in 2016, our CEO; Becky Ngafeeson-Chu, had the vision to do something to help the plight of the less fortunate in Africa, starting with her home country of Cameroon. MercyWings was birthed from the garage of her home and today is a registered charity in the United States of America. The Board of Directors is comprised of Becky Ngafeeson-Chu, Bernard Ambe; President, Nora Billodeaux; Vice President, Mary Sama; Secretary, William Chu; Treasurer, Dr. and Mrs. Nsame; International PR Liaisons, and Michael Billodeaux; Advisor…


In recent years, there’s been growing need for help in Cameroon, as people have lost their homes, become displaced and lost their lively hood as entire villages have burned down. Fleeing with nothing but the clothes on their backs, sometimes sick, hurt or severely injured, these people need our help. This is where we all come in, hence MerciWings. Initially named MercyWings International, the name was changed when it officially became a registered charity organization, to MerciWings International since MercyWings apparently already exists.   For the past three years we have collected donations of clothing, diapers, medications, etc., and ensured that they have been received by those in need in Cameroon. Liaising with the Good Samaritan Ministry, the Limbe Regional Hospital and the Bamenda Regional hospital these needs get met year after year thanks to the generous donations of all our volunteers. 


Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us effect change. Using data driven models, we provide solutions that make a long -lasting difference. Our dream is to eventually extend the wings of mercy across the continent of Africa especially to widows, orphans and the displaced.


At MercyWings we lead by example with our CEO, Becky Ngafeeson-Chu getting into each and every box as we pack to ensure each box is filled with donations to maximum capacity. Here, we see MercyWings volunteer, Fende M. helping our CEO in packing some donations. Here at MercyWings we appreciate all donations even if it is your time.